About The Author


An Honors Graduate of the Film Program at New York University, I sold my first screenplay at 24 and have been a professional screenwriter ever since. The film I wrote you’d probably be most familiar with is “Romeo Must Die” — the hip-hop/kung-fu actioner starring Aaliyah and Jet Li.

During my career I’ve written films and tv pilots for many of the major studios and have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best producers and directors in Hollywood.  These include — Jeffrey Katzenberg, Neal Moritz, Joel Silver, Terence Chang & John Woo, Mike Medavoy, Richard Donner, Luc Besson, James Foley, Carl Beverly and Warren Littlefield.


Among other projects, I wrote “Hard-Boiled II” for John Woo, scripted the animated family film “Outlaws” for Dreamworks, most recently co-wrote “The Man With The Iron Fists II” for NBC/Universal and was recently hired to write Jarhead III for Universal as well.

Here’s a video interview with me from SellingYourScreenplay.com —

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A member of the Writers’ Guild of America since 1991, I currently serve on the WGA Screen Credits Committee.  I am repped by WME and managed by Ensemble Entertainment.