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Dear Writer —

From one writer to another, let me urge you to take a look at my new book — Tough Love Screenwriting.

What makes it different or better than the hordes of screenplay lit out there already?

It’s real, for starters. Like you, I’ve become exhausted with all the bullshit books, classes and webinars out there — 99% created by people who haven’t made a dime in the real-life Film Industry.

So I decided to do something about it — writing the book I wish someone had given me when I first came to Hollywood.

Tough Love is a brass-knuckles, boots on the ground guide to building a paid, professional screenwriting career — written by a produced veteran who’s made a great living doing it for over two decades.

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Massive Bonus — it also includes THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO WRITERS GUILD CREDIT ARBITRATION by anyone, anywhere — written by a WGA Screen Credits Committee member with vast personal experience on all sides of the Arbitration aisle. Yes, I’m talking about myself.

Take a peek at the Amazon reviews. You’ll find Tough Love is profoundly motivating and inspirational for REAL WRITERS just like yourself. Precisely the kick in the pants they’ve been searching for.

So… If you’re tired of all the gimmicky b.s. out there, and honestly want to step up to the real shit and finally start making real progress — trust me, this is the book for you.

All the best!

— John

From an Amazon Customer Review —

“While I personally like Blake’s STC books, in no way does he broach the subject of what it’s really like in a pitch meeting with executives, how to work with agents or what it’s like going through arbitration. No writing book I’ve read deals with any of that stuff. And till now, no book I ever read speaks to writers about the one reality they all must face… how good their work has be. How much work they have to put in. That is the biggest lesson I take away from this book.”