I’ve been to film school, taken enough screenwriting classes to know better, and hang out with a multitude of writers (most of whom I actually like)… this class, NO COMPARISON to any of it… including film school. Most everyone else out there is a wanna be… even in most film schools. John you have both arrived, and know how to teach what it takes to get there. A rare combination! This class has definitely altered the course of my life. No pressure John, just fact. For the first time I feel in my gut and mind I actually have a shot of selling a damn screenplay. And it’s not me psyching myself into it, it feels real. THANKS!— Hope Mineo


Last night I was thinking more about the many different classes I’ve taken and what is it about your class that makes me want to keep coming back, and I realized that Tweak Class is the only one that feels like actual training for the job of screenwriting.

Most screenwriting classes fall in the worthless-to-meh range… It always feels like you’re working on a “classroom model” of a movie, just for the sake of practicing.

Tweak Class is the only one where it feels like you’re expected to build a REAL MOVIE, and learn how to become an actual screenwriter rather than a hobbyist. It feels like training for the real world. Is that a compliment, to be called the ITT Tech of Screenwriting? It’s certainly meant to be 🙂— Naomi Beaty

Thanks, John! I’ve gotten notes from a number of people over the years (teachers, fellow writers, established writers), and seriously, you give some of the most incisive notes I’ve ever heard. Awesome.” — Franklin jin Rho

Never before has a class been so helpful in firing up my drive to write. All the support and feedback from the other students and John helping push me through the harder spots to the otherside, where I could feel the creativity again. This class has been a major blessing for me because John really cares about his students honing their craft and becoming better! Thank you TWEAK CLASS and John for the cathartic experience!— Julianna Brudek

Thanks for class last night! It was literally the best session I’ve ever had in a screenwriting class EVER.” — Jimmy Mosquedaj

Thanks for being the best writing teacher I’ve ever had.” — Glynn Turner

OMG, I laughed so much and it felt so good…it was the funniest class ever and I have no problem with critique, especially when it’s so right, helpful and funny. Thanks for the amazing notes… I see my movie totally and I LOVE this process!— Elisabetha Pejcinoska

This really is an incredible workshop. Tweak class offers TOUGH LOVE for writers. John is committed to making each project better – having the group work together to improve the scripts and learn how to write a movie. It’s clear he knows what he’s doing and it’s exciting to watch how much better all of the work gets under his tutelage. Seriously hard work but worth it because it actually works. Kinda changes the game.” — Jamie Latta

If you’re serious about screenwriting, and want to learn the real-deal, inside-the-industry low down of how the game really works, then this class is a MUST!  In the past I’ve taken other classes, read all the books, and have even been mentored by other professional writers, but John’s unique outside-the-box approach to teaching this craft is by far the most INFORMATIVE, INSPIRING and USEFUL!  This class has provided me with the tools, perspective and knowledge to write a professionally structured screenplay, and has equipped me with a real world understanding of what it takes to make it in this industry. Thanks John!”
— Will Mauer

John’s screenwriting workshop is so awesome, by far one of the best I’ve ever taken. John really knows his craft and has a solid background in the industry. He gives you direct, constructive, no-holds-barred feedback that is invaluable to taking your script to the next level. John creates a supportive & professional environment that prepares you for the real world of the entertainment business. He’s very funny too, and makes a three-hour class go by in a flash! He keeps us on our toes, and makes everyone a better writer in the process. I would definitely recommend this class to any screenwriter interested in making their screenplay the best it can be.” — Lili Ramirez

You very seldom get to learn from working screenwriters with this much experience in the room and on the page. John distills all the best of screenwriting basics with the practical know-how of a twenty-year vet.”
  — Joe Brouillette

John’s SCREENWRITER’S TWEAK CLASS is magical! He reminds me of a very talented and virtuoso chess player I once knew, who could play a Game of Chess and give you detailed account of your every Rook, Knight and Pawn move on the chessboard. John does this same amazing thing with your Screenplay—his game pieces, of course, are Acts, Structure, Hooks, Conflict, Characters and Theme, etc. But again, it’s not his knowledge of the game pieces themselves, it’s how he moves them. If you want to be a better writer, or one day sit across from a studio executive and say “Checkmate” with your script, then you should challenge this instructor and yourself to an exciting Game of Screenplay and take his class.”
 — Timothy Shay Jobst