WGA Credit Arbitration

THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA (WGA) CREDIT ARBITRATION by anyone, anywhere is offered in Tough Love Screenwriting — written by a WGA Screen Credits Committee member with fifteen years personal experience on ALL sides of the Arbitration aisle.

Everything is covered — the rules of Credit Arbitration, proper procedure, do’s and don’ts of writing Statements to your Arbitration Committee, essential elements which help construct successful arguments, and basically everything a writer entering Arbitration needs to know.

This article from Scripts and Scribes offers a glimpse of the depth of discussion and personal experience you’ll find in Tough Love —


There is nothing more important to a writer’s career than rightfully winning a Credit Arbitration. My goal with Tough Love Screenwriting was to give every writer out there a complete understanding of both how it works and what’s really at stake.